Utility and scarcity

Merge your assets

On top of the visual traits that range from common to super-rare, each Cityscape comes with a series of additional traits which can be combined through a merging mechanism.
Merging several Cityscapes will increase their individual resources. As a Mayor of a Cityscape wanting to expand your influence in one particular area, you need to flip another Mayor’s Cityscape based on its particular traits.

All the Cityscapes and the traits attached to them will be made publicly available for other Mayors and Governors to see. This will facilitate the exchanges and the hunt for the particular traits that are important for the development of your Cityscape.

Burn city, burn

Merging two Cityscapes will burn one in the process, increasing the rarity of your assets through a built-in deflationary mechanic. Merging Cityscapes will combine population and traits, but also the size of the city on an official map that will be later synchronized with the blockchain and available on our website. We will release more detailed information about this soon.

Your city, your philosophy

As previously said, each Cityscapes NFT includes a series of visual traits, from common to super-rare, but there’s more to it.
Each Cityscape’s population is divided into different categories of citizens. Additional assets, counted as resources, will be linked to each NFT, leading to additional perks and benefits.

We want to go further than regular NFT projects and give our holders and builders the ability to impact the real-world based on your personal philosophy, through the perks associated with the merging mechanics.

💡 Thinkers

The intellectuals of your cityscape push boundaries, develop ideas, create debates, enhance knowledge. The smarter your city is, the brighter your future will be.

If your cityscape population reaches 30% of 💡Thinkers :
⭐️ $1000 of educational books*
⭐️ 1 printed Cityscape Thinker certificate
⭐️ 1 signed print of a unique Cityscape 

*purchased for the school library of your choice

🎓 Teachers

Education is your passport to the future, and teachers are essential for it. How far do you want your cityscape population to learn? 

If your cityscape population reaches 40% of 🎓Teachers :
⭐️ $1000 donation*
⭐️ 1 printed Cityscape Teacher certificate
⭐️ 1 signed print of a unique Cityscape

*Donation in your name, to an NGO providing school supplies to families in need

🏥 Helpers

The act of caring is heroic. How many heroes do you want in your society? Build up the forces that help communities and have a real-life impact through the perks.

If your cityscape population reaches 60% of 🏥 Helpers :
⭐️ $1000 donation*
⭐️ 1 printed Cityscape Helper certificate
⭐️ 1 signed print of a unique Cityscape

* Donation in your name, to NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)

🖼 Artists

Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle.” said Albert Camus. Chose to increase the artists’ presence in your city and ensure creative freedom.

If your cityscape population reaches 30% of 🖼Artists :
⭐️ $1000 of art-related
⭐️ 1 printed Cityscape Artist certificate
⭐️ 1 signed print of a unique Cityscape 
⭐️ additional unique art print perks

🛠 Makers

Architects, coders, builders,… A city isn’t a city if nothing is thought, designed, then built by makers.  How much do you want your city to grow?

If your cityscape population reaches 70% of 🛠 Makers :
2 Architecture theme Lego sets
⭐️ 1 printed Cityscape Maker certificate
⭐️ 1 signed print of a unique Cityscape
⭐️ additional art print perks

Your own, unique & resourceful Cityscape

welcome to:


zip code : CSXXXX

mayor : @abcd1234

🌍 Population : 115.987
💡 Thinkers : 11%
🏥 Helpers : 33%
🖼 Artists : 6%
🎓 Teachers : 9%
🛠 Makers : 41%
♻️ Recycling : 40%
🔋 Green Energy : 45%
🏅 Gold : 5t
📏 Silver : 9t
👾 Rare metals : 0,968t
🗼 Architecture wonders : 7

Merging your resources


Merging cityscapes will combine resources and increase percentages via a merging bonus. All the traits of each NFT being unique, your resources are by default valuable for another Mayor or Governor. Decide what strategy you want to apply to your own city development, or if you want to offer your resources to the second market. 

Perks for you, perks for the world

Your Cityscape uses more than 90% green energy, or is graced by more than 100 architectural wonders? That means more perks, real-life perks sent to you and to the charity that fits your philosophy. This is the main concept behind Cityscapes. Read our roadmap for additional details.